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Ken Katayama

「 Tokyo Music Evening Yube 」
〜Cheer up with the power of music〜

July 14th, 19:00

ADESSO – Support Through Songs!

Ken Katayama

A live-streamed concert to encourage frontline healthcare workers and everyone staying home!

Tokyo Music Evening Yube

Toshima, the city of theaters, is hoping to encourage theater audiences to linger and explore the local nightlife after watching a play, and now puts on a regular program of open-air classical concerts played by a full orchestra.
After catching a show or doing a bit of shopping, close out the evening with some classical music in a park, perhaps accompanied by a glass of mulled wine or some other warm beverage...
"Yube", which means the time from late afternoon to evening in Japanese, is your chance to experience that kind of everyday luxury in Ikebukuro.

Every Wednesday 19:00 / 20:30

* Subject to change by program.

This project is financed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo
Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Nightlife Tourism Promotion Subsidy.



START 19:00~


The show on April 1st will host the legendary musical duo Sirius, Sho Ota and Shuntaro Tanaka; both are opera and musical singers who graduated from the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts. There are two 30-minute performances in the evening.

START 19:00~

Nanako Kobayashi

Nanako Kobayashi started her career as a professional cello player, but she decided to pursue a career outside of classical music. Now she performs alongside pop artists and holds concerts in collaboration with people from the art, beauty and design industries.

START 19:00~


April 15th will feature a performance by the Utao chorus, produced by songwriter and pianist, Cornisch. With the theme ’You only live once. Let’s sing!’, the ensemble will be performing ’Tomoyo (My friend)’, which is written and produced by Cornisch himself. The event is free.

START 19:00~

Sayaka Ogawa

Professional singer songwriter Sayaka Ogawa started her musical journey at just three years old, when she began learning the piano. Her talent has been acknowledged by famous Japanese composer and record producer Kyohei Tsutsumi and she has performed all around Europe and Asia.

START 19:00~

(Japan Popular Classics Orchestra)

April 29th will feature a performance by a string quartet with four musicians from Japan Popular Classics Orchestra. JPCO is comprised of 50 young professional female musicians from Japan, Korea and the United States, and are known for their movie soundtrack remixes and medleys.



New landmark of Ikebukuro west exit,
Amphitheater and multipurpose open space

Opened in November 2019, this open-air theater in Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park has the capacity to host full-scale orchestral concerts and is equipped with a large screen and cutting-edge sound system, making it suitable for live sports viewing and other similar events. Global Ring features an 11-meter-wide screen, an eight-channel sound system, LED lights throughout the ring structure, and a fountain in the middle of the plaza. The theater’s audiovisual show, designed by the creative studio JKD Collective, appears different on every viewing thanks to a program that generates the sound and video content in real time by analyzing the current time, temperature, humidity, and other parameters. The music and sound design comes courtesy of Kuniyuki Takahashi, a noted producer of everything from club tunes to traditional folk music.



1-8-26 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-City, Tokyo

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