11 / 26 Thu
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Kenichiro Kobayashi Kobaken & friends' orchestra

Toshima Ward Art Advisor (Music Director) Koyabashi’s nickname is “Kobaken of Fire” for his passionate love of music and his conducting prowess. He has represented Japan as a guest performer in both Japanese and overseas orchestras, performed in numerous music festivals and holds a prestigious reputation amongst classical musicians around the world. Not only has Koyabashi been awarded top honours in Japan, he has also been named a Hungarian Cultural Ambassador by the Hungarian government in recognition of his contributions to international cultural exchange. He has also worked closely with cultural organisations in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Additionally, he has been performing charity shows around Japan with members of the Kobaken and Friends Orchestra since 2005. Kobayashi is currently an emeritus professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo College of Music and the Hungarian Liszt Conservatory, as well as an honorary conductor of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and the music director of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. * 10/30 (Friday) -11/13 (Friday) 11/14 (Saturday)

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