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Matthew Law

Although he has just made his major record debut as a Singer-songwriter with his digital single <> in December 2019 , Matthew Law is by no means your typical singer-songwriter next door. Having graduated in first place with a special jury prize from the prestigious Conservatoire of Paris, Law has also won many prizes at various national/international competitions as a classical pianist. Born to a British father and a Japanese mother, Law mixes his career as a first-rate classical pianist with his mixed ethnical and cultural background to create a whole new territory of pop music. Switching fluently between three languages - English, Japanese, and French - Law effortlessly uses the outlet of singer-songwriting to convey his most intimate and spontaneous emotions. Just as effortlessly as he does when performing the masterpieces of the great composers of the past. People are already turning there heads to witness this new arrival on the popular music scene.

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